1. Build a financial plan Creating a financial plan is an important first step to gaining an understanding of
where you and your family are relative to your financial goals. The plan will take into account all sources of
current and future income, savings and investments, debts, and major future expenses and compare that
picture with where you want to go. The projected results will allow you to know if you are on the right path to
financial success and whether any changes need to be made.

2. Consolidate your investment accounts – We strongly believe that managing all of your investment and
retirement accounts with a comprehensive approach to allocations and tax optimization will result in
significantly better after-tax returns over time.

3. Review your trust and estate plan – Having the correct plan in place will help you protect yourself and your
family in the event of death or disability. This includes empowering the people you want to make financial and
medical decisions and protecting what you have earned and built from creditors and the government.

4. Ensure you have the right life insurance in place – Most people who have insurance do not know if they
have the right amount or whether they are paying too much. We will work with you to determine the right
amount and type(s) of coverage and then will get you competitive prices from insurance professionals who we

5. Analyze your borrowings – Utilizing the right type of loans, including real estate- and securities-based loans,
can result in significant after-tax savings. If we find that there is an opportunity to improve your current
situation we will work with lending professionals to provide you with a menu of alternatives.

6. Create a virtual lockbox – We will assist you in establishing a cloud-based storage system for all of your
important documents that you can access from anywhere and enables you to grant access to specific items to
anyone in your life.

7. Review Steps 1-6 at least annually – Getting these first six steps accomplished is a major achievement, but
we will review them with you at least once a year so adjustments can be made as your and your family’s life