Retirement Plan Structure and Management

BRAVE Family Advisors acts as an investment consultant to numerous companies and assists them with implementing a new retirement plan for the benefit of their owners and employees or restructuring and improving their existing plan.

In all cases, we seek to satisfy the goals of the business owner/plan sponsor which are to:

  • Deliver strong investment performance for plan participants. In the case of 401(k) plans, this is typically achieved through a core diversified  offering of low-cost index and target-date funds
  • Ensure the correct type of plan and design is employed in order to allow all members of the company to maximize their earnings deferral
  • Partner with high-quality, low-cost service providers to deliver a cost-effective solution for the plan sponsor and the employees

Since we do not offer any proprietary investment products, do not engage in “behind the scenes” revenue sharing with mutual fund companies, and do not sell any other services, our only responsibility is to advise you and your employees as to the best performing and lowest cost retirement plan. It is not uncommon for a client to experience a reduction in fees of up to 40%, better historical investment performance, and significantly higher deferral rates by turning to us for plan consulting services.